Easy APIs Project


After code.org's effort, today many schools started teching code / computer science / programming. Many kids are turing out as developers in major platforms. Meet Laois, 11-year-old and the youngest Android dev in Europe. Meet Richmond, another 11 year old Android dev from North America. These Indian brothers also started developing apps at the age if 12. All those sotries are so awesome but these stories would be more awesome when these kids did some dynamic apps with more user querying with realtime responses rather then using small small native libraties of platforms.

What make them not making dynamic apps

Answer is JSON or XML or what ever the standards designed for human-readable data interchange. Though they are human readables, they are NOT child friendly.

How to make them developing dynamic apps

Since JSON and XML are not child friendly, there should be a way to process web responses. That is String manipulation. Every programming beginner learns to manipulate string two or three classes after they started learning. This is quite easy.

Easy APIs Project

Inorder to make web responces make usable by kids, we started Easy APIs Project. Instead of returning JSON or XML, we process Web APIs and make them easier to be processed with String manipulation